Countries with highest salaries

For some, the job is work, they don’t care much about salary. Again, the salary is all for someone, the job is just up! But for those who have a job, the joy of returning home with money at the end of the month is the same. But there is more or less of this joy. That depends on the amount of notes. says which country in the world gets the highest salary.

Countries with highest salaries

  1. Canada

Profession: Specialist doctor

Salary: Three lakh 75 thousand dollars per month

Work: Specialist doctors work in Clinical Medicine, Laboratory Medicine and Surgery. Those who work in clinical medicine diagnose the disease and give medicine. Those who stay in the lab examine different samples and those who are surgeons heal the patient through surgery.

Eligibility: To get this job, you need to have a Bachelor of Science degree from a medical college approved by the Government of Canada. In addition, you have to take a special degree. All you have to do in Canada to become a specialist is to obtain a certificate from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. This certificate is issued by the provincial and regional authorities of Canada.

  1. Dubai

Profession: Director

Salary: One lakh 91 thousand pounds per month

Functions: A director is responsible for the smooth running of all the economic and service functions of an organization. He has to look after the accounts at the same time, trade in accessories and coordinate the information technology. This is not the end. The organization has to prepare the annual budget, prepare the annual work report, coordinate the legal aspects, manage the income tax of the organization and take care of all the work of hiring and managing the employees.

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or Finance from the University. It is better to have an MBA with you. In addition, you need to have a good knowledge of finance, accounting, budget and expenditure management.

  1. Singapore

Profession: Managing Director / CEO

Salary: Three lakh 72 thousand dollars per month

Work: Their type of work varies from organization to organization. However, the main tasks that everyone has to do is to set the policy of the organization and implement it, increase the profit, coordinate among all the departments of the organization, create the budget of the organization and manage it efficiently.

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in business administration or management. It is very good to have an MBA.

  1. Ireland

Profession: Management Consultant

Salary: Two lakh 17 thousand Euros per month

Work: They offer advice on how to manage the complexities of managing organizations around the world. Significant areas of their work are marketing, financial management and investment, information technology, etc. Counselors solve difficult problems, provide guidance and training to senior staff.

Eligibility: Honors or Masters in any subject is required. However, having a degree in business administration, finance, economics, mathematics or engineering is an advantage.

  1. Germany

Profession: Human Resource Management Executive

Salary: one lakh 90 thousand euros per month

Job: The biggest asset staff of the organization. The human resource management executive works to enhance their qualifications and coordinate smoothly. They remove obstacles in the way of workers. Work to improve their work environment and meet their needs.

Qualifications: Must have five years of work experience at the leadership level. Must have skills in human resource management, with practical work experience. It will be easier to get a job if you have an academic certificate in human resource or labor management.

. The Netherlands

Profession: Managing Director

Salary: 1.5 million Euros

Work: As the top officer of the organization, they increase the speed of work of the organization. They take care of the whole aspect of management. Gives necessary instructions for the work of various department heads. Supervises the work of different departments, catches mistakes, and points out ways to correct them.

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Countries with highest salaries
Countries with highest salaries