How to relieve neck pain


Neck pain is a common complaint. Weak posture causes stiff neck muscles. Those who work at the computer with their necks bent or squat at the desk are more likely to have this problem. Osteoarthritis is also a common cause of neck pain.

How to relieve neck pain

In very rare cases neck pain can appear as a serious problem. If the neck pain is accompanied by numbness in the arm or hand or the strength of the hand decreases or the shoulder pain or the pain descends towards the hand, then treatment must be taken.

Neck pain usually has the following symptoms:

রাখ Keeping the head the same for a long time, such as driving or working on a computer, increases neck pain.

Muscles become stiff and contract.

ক্ষমতা Loss of ability to move the head.

► Headaches etc.

When to see a doctor:

Most home remedies reduce neck pain. If the pain does not subside or the condition does not improve, seek medical attention.

► Neck pain is caused by an injury, such as a car accident, driving or falling from the top — then seek medical attention as soon as possible.

► If the neck pain is severe, the pain persists for several days without decreasing, the pain spreads in the hands or feet, neck pain, with headache, numbness, weakness or tingling sensation, then it is necessary to contact a doctor immediately.

Causes of neck pain:

Muscle tension: Excessive use of the neck, such as working the neck or neck for several hours on a computer or smartphone. This causes tension in the neck muscles. Sometimes even small things can strain the neck muscles, such as reading a book while lying in bed.

Osteoporosis: Like other joints in the body, the neck joints also deteriorate with age. Osteoarthritis is the damage to the cartilage between the two vertebrae. Then there is the formation of small bones, which impede the movement of the joint and cause pain.

Nerve stress: Displaced discs in the neck or small pieces of bone between the vertebrae put pressure on the nerve branches coming out of the spinal cord, causing neck pain.

Injury: If another car hits from behind while in a car, the head shakes backwards, causing tension and pain in the soft tissues of the neck.

Some diseases: Some diseases can cause neck pain, such as rheumatoid arthritis, meningitis or cancer.


Most neck pain is associated with poor posture and age-related bone loss. Change some habits daily to prevent neck pain.

Keep the neck straight: When standing or sitting, keep your shoulders straight along the hips. And your ears should be directly on your shoulders.

Take occasional breaks: If you travel long distances, or work on the computer for long periods of time, occasionally stand up, walk, and stretch your neck.

Adjust desk, chair and computer: In this case the monitor will be along the eyes. The two knees will be slightly below the hip. Armrests or handles can be used in the chair.

Stop holding the phone between the ears and shoulders: Be careful not to place it between the ears and the shoulders while talking on the phone. Use a headset or speaker phone if necessary.

Quit smoking: If you are a smoker, quit smoking today. Smoking increases the risk of shoulder pain.

Do not carry a shoulder bag: Do not carry a shoulder strap bag. The weight of the bag causes neck tightness and pain.

Sleep well: Sleep in such a way that the head and neck are in the same row of the body. Give a small pillow under the neck. Try to sleep with your pillow slightly elevated with a pillow under your thighs. This will keep the back muscles flat.

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