IOS update – Important for you

Apple has released the updated version of iOS 17.1. The company said that the version named ‘iOS 17.2’ has added several new features in addition to fixing security flaws. The version can be used on iPhone XS series, 11 series, SE 2020, 12 series, 13 series, 14 series and 15 series.

IOS update

IOS update
IOS update

Features added in the new version:

Journaling App:
The much awaited ‘Journaling’ app has been added in iOS 17.2 version. Apple announced the development of the app at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) last June. With this app you can easily save photos and videos along with writing down information about recent events or travel. Apple said that all the information in the app is safe because of the end-to-end encryption technology.

Contact Key Verification Facility:
Apple has added ‘Contact Key Verification’ feature in iOS 17.2 version to strengthen users’ online security. The company will verify the identity of Apple ID and iPhone users using this facility. As a result, the risk of phishing attacks will be reduced along with the secure exchange of information.

3D video recording:
In iOS 17.2 version, 3D (three-dimensional) video can be recorded directly without using any additional device or app. According to Apple, three-dimensional video can be captured with the main and ultra-wide cameras with the LIDAR sensor. These videos can be viewed on Apple’s Vision Pro headset. But not all iPhones, only iPhone 15 and 15 Pro users will get this opportunity.

New features in Weather and News app:
iOS 17.2 version adds several new features to Weather and News apps on iPhone. More information about the weather will be known quickly as additional widgets are added to the weather app. And by using the ‘Live Activities’ feature added to the news app, you will get the opportunity to know the latest news.

Features of translation in action button:
Translation option added in iOS 17.2 version. As a result, iPhone 15 series users can easily translate any word or sentence into different languages using the action button.

Messages App:
iOS 17.2 version adds a new feature called ‘catch-up arrow’ to the Messages app. With the introduction of this new facility, unread messages sent by others will be easily seen.

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IOS update