latest android version Android 11

Google has officially launched Android 11 by adding the 11th variant of the Android operating system to Google’s Pixel model phones.
Soon all the brands in the market as well as a few Chinese brands including One Plus, Xiaomi, Realm will be able to use this new operating system.

latest android version

Google has added some essential features to this new Android operating system including sophisticated privacy features, smart home control, sophisticated artificial intelligence tools.

Using the new app drawer system introduced for messaging apps, customers will be able to prioritize the people of their choice. Messages of these priority people can be seen on the lock screen if the customer wants.

In addition, in the case of all messaging apps, the chat box will float like a bubble of Facebook Messenger on Android 11.

For customers, Android 11 will keep a list of all the notifications of the last 24 hours coming to the smartphone. If the customer wants, he will see it again in the notification list.

Android 11 comes with a built-in screen recorder app for customers. Which the customer can use directly from Quick Settings if he wants. There are more hassle-free media controllers and external audio controllers.

Smarthome has built-in feature of smart device control of the house including smart home control with room temperature, lights on and off.

On Android 11, customers can allow any app once if they want. This operating system is capable of removing device access permissions for unused apps. The operating system has also added some new security features.

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