Online career advice

Many of us are focusing on how to make money online due to the current job market downturn. Many people have the idea that online means an easy source of income, where it is possible to earn money by spending some time.

Online career advice

How true is our idea of ​​online earning?

Is it really possible to make money here in a short time, or is it just a myth?

This is the topic of my discussion today. How you can start an online career and what you should do as a prelude to it.

Online career is not just about freelancing. Because if you want freelancing, you can also do it offline.

So what do I mean by online career?

An online career means that you create a source of income using the Internet. In other words, you can make yourself proficient in a particular subject by bringing work from different online marketplaces or outside of that subject and you can earn money.

Prerequisites for creating an online career:

In order to build a career online, you need to take the following issues very seriously and work accordingly. So let’s move on to the main discussion without delay.

  1. Determining the subject
    First of all determine what you are interested in working on online. It is not right to look at what others are doing and how much they are earning. Because that person and you are never one. What you like may not be what you like. Again, this niche profit is coming for him, saying that this niche will never be good for you. Here are the things to look for when selecting a job:

-Know the work well
-Consider how skilled you are at this
-Think about your interest in working on this topic
-Those who have worked on this subject before, see how long it took them to succeed
-Think about how profitable it will be to work on this issue in the future

If after considering these things you think that it would be better for you to work on this subject / nis then start otherwise.

Suppose, one works with web design and he has got good enough success. When you see him, you think that web design can be a good thing for you too. But in reality the matter may not be like that. This is why you need to consider the above issues.

  1. Make yourself proficient in that subject
    Make yourself proficient in that subject before you start working online. Because one of our biggest weaknesses is that we go online to do the job before we can do it properly. And due to lack of knowledge, we cannot do many things properly. As a result, we have to accept failure.
  2. You have to be patient
    You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Because, nothing happens here overnight. You must wait for a certain period of time for success or income to start, be it 6 months or 1 year.
  3. Set goals
    One of our biggest problems is that we fail to set the right goals. It turned out that I wanted to make a career in graphics design but after working for several days I did not get success. That’s when I changed my goals again and saw that I saw someone else and started working on something else anew. It is not right to change goals in this way. Because then you have to start all over again from the beginning.
  4. Gain proficiency in English
    Although we speak Bengali, if we want to work online, we must be proficient in English. This does not mean that you have to speak English, but if someone says something in English, you have to at least understand it and say something to make him understand. The biggest problem is the fear we have. Yes, you got it. When we say something in English somewhere, we think ten times about what we are saying, how we are saying it, who is thinking and so on. But by doing so, our inner inertia will remain. You have to start talking, it will be wrong but one day everything will be fine.

Hopefully through the above discussion you have come to understand so much about what you need to focus on and how to get started in order to build a career online.

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Online career advice
Online career advice