What is entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is a subject that refers to designing and running your own business. It is about offering a different and innovative product or a service to targeted customers or maybe changing the traditional ways of consumption of products or services. With technology impacting almost everyone today in every corner of the world, entrepreneurs are making the most of it.

What is entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur means an investment of time, money, and there is risk involved in every step that you take. While there is no guaranteed success, there is a great deal of learning as you gain knowledge of handling every aspect of running a business.

Being an entrepreneur means having an idea and setting up a business based on it. Once a business idea is generated, an entrepreneur has to undertake many activities to transform it into reality. Starting from market research to study competitors (if any) and identify the target audience, to the recruitment of professionals, taking care of the financial aspects and administering the entire work – there are multiple stages involved in setting up a new venture.

What is entrepreneur

Pros of becoming a Entrepreneur:
Flexible working hours
Opportunity to translate business ideas into reality
Generate employment opportunities
Promoting innovation

Cons of becoming a Entrepreneur:
No guaranteed success
Needs investment of time and money
Requires self-motivation

Skills required
-Getting Starting as an entrepreneur needs a risk-taking ability as you may start individually or with a partner
-Ability to promote yourself and develop a positive self-image
-You have to be very versatile right from handling clients to managing vendors, and building a team
-You need to have a very good communication skill
-Ability to work in teams

What is entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are willing to take on the many risks of implementing their idea, and to also take on the role as leader of their company or organization. They assume full responsibility for the execution, success, or failure of the business.

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What is entrepreneur
What is entrepreneur