How to increase internet speed

Sometimes everyone has a problem with the speed of the net. When we perform official or personal work on the Internet, it is very annoying when the Internet is slow. In most cases, the speed of the Internet slows down due to the parts of the Internet we use.

How to increase internet speed

Let’s take a look today at the reasons why the speed of the net can be reduced. And I know how to increase the speed of the net.

Causes and remedies:

-Can’t reach the network in a locked room. In that case the speed of the net may be reduced. In that case try to keep the windows and doors open. If there is no way to open the window or door, try to go to the open space during the much needed work. Strength of signal increases in open space.

-If you use WiFi, keep an eye on the WiFi router. Make sure the router has the latest firmware. Change the frequency of the router from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz. If the frequency increases, the speed of the internet will increase and the possibility of interruption in the internet will also decrease.

-Never place the router near the wall when using WiFi. Just as a closed cell reduces the speed of the net, the speed of the net decreases when the signal on the wall is interrupted. So always try to keep the router in an empty space.

-If you use old WiFi for many days, try to replace it with a new one. Because older routers work with earlier configurations. Technology is improving day by day. In that case getting new speed from old WiFi can be a problem.

-Most people use WiFi at home. In that case, taking the WiFi with antenna can solve the problem of signal interruption.

  • Often unused files or apps stored in the phone can reduce the speed of the net. So delete the files that are not used on the phone. If there is a problem of space in the mobile, its effect also falls on the speed of the net.

-Phone setting option has an option to limit mobile data. Always keep it high. Crossing the data usage limit can often lead to net problems.

Everyone knows that 3G or 4G speeds are much higher than 2G spectrum. So go to the mobile data option of the phone and check what the network mode is. If it is in 2G, then make it 3G or 4G according to the SIM.

If there is a problem with the net, everyone really has a problem. So if you think the speed of the net is low, before blaming the service provider, check the settings of your mobile once. Follow the steps above and see if the speed increases. If the problem persists, be sure to contact the service provider.

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